Annotated Bibliography Format


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Annotated Bibliography Assignment


By [your name, linked to your bio], [name of your team, linked to your team project page] Team


 1. [Citation for item 1--e.g., book, essay, software, art work, etc.] (Use a citation style suited to your discipline or the project.  For MLA style, see MLA Handbook.)


[Annotation for item 1 here.  A 200-600 word objective description or abstract of the work, including quotations and links as necessary (aim for one double-spaced page as the average for each entry).  An assessment or reflection on the work may be added.  Descriptions should be tightly and carefully written.  (See definition and examples of annotated bibliographies.)]


2. [Citation for item]


[Annotation for item]


3. [Citation for item]


[Annotation for item]


4. [Citation for item]


[Annotation for item]


5. [Citation for item]


[Annotation for item]